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Randall Ola Englund Sign. Satan 50w Amp Head all tube

Varenummer: USM-SATANE50

inkl. mva.

Ola Englunds nya signaturforsterker

SATAN50: 2 Channel – 50 watts with independent tone controls and (Kill) boost. 3x 12AX7 preamp tubes, 2x 6L6 power amp tubes (biasing on the rear panel with multiple power tube options.) Power amp Presence and Depth tone controls and master volume. Effects loop with send level and passive or series return options. 2 button footswitch included (channel and kill switching) optional FX loop switching.

Wattage / Power 50w
Channels 2 + Boost + Sweep control
Tubes (3) 12AX7, (2)6L6
Speaker n/a
Impedance 08/04/16
FX/GATE/REVERB Tube driven series/parallel footswitchable loop
FOOTSWITCH 2 button LED switches Channel and Boost (RF2-LED)
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APOLLON MUSIK v/Ole Skaarup Info@apollonmusik.dk 39 62 10 06 HELLERUP