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Kurzweil KAG100 Digital Grand Piano Ebony Polish

Varenummer: KW-KAG100BP

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Mini Size Baby Grand

KAG100 keys The KAG100 combines an elegant compact grand piano design with exquisite polished ebony cabinet and a modern leg design.

200 Inspiring Factory Presets

KAG100-voices Enjoy a wide range of preset sound selections, featuring pianos, electric pianos, organs and orchestral instruments.

Simple and Intuitive Controls

KAG100 UI Front and center control panel featuring easy access to all system functions. Instantly call up the grand piano voice, song recording, split/layer, transpose and metronome functions.

Recording and Memory

KAG100 Song Easy-to-use recording features allowing you to record up to 2 tracks of your own keyboard performances and store them as well as registration settings to a USB drive.

Auto Accompaniment

KA100 Accomp The KAG100 offers 100 styles which can be used to provide fully orchestrated backing arrangements including rhythm, bass and chord accompaniment - all based on the chords you play with the left-hand accompaniment section of the keyboard.

8 Reverb and 8 Chorus Types

KA100 FX Select from a number of digital effects to enhance the depth and expression of your performance.

Lesson Songs and Bluetooth

KAG100 Edu The KAG100 features a built-in collection of lesson songs and provides Bluetooth wireless support for playing along with backing tracks using a smart phone or tablet.

Powerful Sound System

KAG100 sound system Enjoy the 20W+15W, 4-speaker stereo sound system and fill your performance space with a rich, full-range, detailed tone.

Built-In Pedals

KAG100 pedals Sustain, Sostenuto and Soft Pedals standard. (Optional volume/expression pedal unit sold separately).

All specifications subject to change without notice.

The KAG100 combines an elegant compact grand piano design with exquisite polished ebony cabinet and a modern leg design.


- Keyboard: 88-Note, fully-weighted action with adjustable touch sensitive keys
- Keyboard Sensitivity: 3 selectable dynamic response levels + 1 fixed
- Display: 2x16 alphanumeric LCD display
- Polyphony: 64 voice
- Preset Programs: 200
- User Presets: 20 recallable panel memories
- Demo Songs: 71
- Learning Songs: 55
- Metronome: Yes
- General MIDI: No
- Splits/Layers: Quick Split/Layer, easy access with adjustable relative volume
- Transpose: Full transposition to any key, +/- one octave
- Tune: +/- 1 semitone
- Effects: 8 reverb types (plus level); 8 chorus types (plus level); Treble/Bass EQ
- Auto-Accompaniment: 100 styles plus 1 user
- Recorder/Sequencer: 2-Track
- Sound System: 4-speaker, 20W+15W, stereo
- Audio Outs: Stereo left/right RCA line outs (for connecting to external amplification)
- Audio Ins: Stereo left/right RCA line ins (for connecting external sound sources)
- Headphones: (2) 1/4" stereo headphone outs
- USB: (2) ports - USB Type A (for Storage); USB Type B (provides both MIDI and audio)
- Bluetooth: Yes (incl. blue tooth receiver)
- Pedals: (3) built-in switch-type: sustain, sostenuto, soft
- Finish: Ebony Polish
- Bench: Matching bench included

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