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Randall KH103 Tube Amp Head 120w 3ch

Varenummer: USM-KH103E

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The KH103 features 120W and three independent channels of 12AX7/6L6 tube tone. It also offers dual MIDI-switchable master volumes, dual MIDI-switchable series/parallel loops and seven MIDI-assignable functions for each channel. Includes a 3 button MIDI footswitch. The KH103 is the same model used by Metallicas Kirk Hammett, both on the road and in the studio.


- 120 watts (all tube)
- 3 channels
- 3 gain voicing modes per channelBoost
- Dual master volume
- 2 tube drive FX loops
- MIDI Switchable: channels, loops, master volumes, boost, voicing
- (9) 12AX7 + 4 6L6
- RF3 3 button MIDI footswitch included

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